The name SilvaFox is derived in part, from the precious metal silver - i.e. Silva. The "Fox" means: Factory of Ten - the Roman numeral "X" corresponds with the Arabic numeral 10 as we know it today. Hence, because ten represents earthly completeness, the word SilvaFox refers to the production of something precious, hence the silver, and this production comes about because of its comprehensive and thorough (complete) approach to its software solutions - Factory of Completeness - SilvaFox

Give us a call. Below are some of the services we offer to our clients:

Datawarehouse implementation datawarehouse

We provide training and support for your data modelling needs. We also provide architectural guidance in the business intelligence tool that will fit your business need. The Dimensional Model has been proven to facilitate businesses with the larger data needs. Irrespective, we evaluate your business and provide guidance into what will work best for your needs.

Software Development groovy and grails

Leading Java frameworks are housed within QCam. We take pride in streamlining business processes by using dynamic languages like Groovy, along with the web framework, Grails. By using dynamic languages in this way, we are able to answer and solve business problems with finesse.

OpenSource opensource

We do extensive research into bringing our clients the very best technology, at the best price. Opensource frameworks and technologies, provides us with the flexibility to quickly attend to our client's needs.

Jasper reports jasper reports

Jasper reports has proven itself to be a leader in opensource Business Intelligence tools. Its rich reporting and communication API, has helped its sound reputation in the BI industry. We recommend deploying to Jasperserver to serve the BI needs of the business well.


Professional consultation services on all aspects of your business processeses. We workshop solutions with you, and help to reach resolution alongside your business.